Western Industries, Inc. is a privately held company with more than 50 years’ experience in manufacturing innovations. We are a contract manufacturer capable of providing individual components as well as complete, custom-designed appliance products, electro-mechanical assemblies and complex cosmetic assemblies. Our fully integrated manufacturing facility incorporates linked processes of metal stamping, metal fabrication, welding (MIG,TIG, Resistance and Robotic), paint (epoxy e-coat, wet topcoat), metal finishing and assembly that provide efficiency and offers increased control. Our Midwest location provides rapid delivery across the US.

Our turnkey system encompasses product design and development assistance, testing, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and fulfillment – all from our international headquarters in Watertown, WI. We support various levels of product testing and agency file coordination utilizing a combination of our own labs, your labs, and/or 3rd party registrars, catering the approval process to your brands specific policies and procedures.


Down draft radiant cooktop     Western Industries, Inc., Watertown, WI     Telescoping down draft ventilation system


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