Metal Stamping

Stamped base bracket for pressure washerWestern Industries has a full range of 34 mechanical and hydraulic presses to accommodate
your custom metal stamping needs.  Our mechanical presses run from 75 to 600 tons with bed sizes up to 72” x 144”.   Our hydraulic presses are up to 2000 tons with bed sizes up to 72” x 96”. We also have a 5 press transfer line that is ideal for stage/transfer tools

We run a very large variety of dies – from small high speed progressive dies to large hand fed tools to form steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts.  Examples of some of our larger current production parts include residential cook tops (steel and stainless steel), perforated formed screen for agriculture and construction tractors, enclosure covers for generators and HVAC units.


5 press transfer line        Stainless steel cook top with silk screen graphics                          Horn die in press, perforated screen


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