Painting & Coating

To complete many of the products we produce we apply a finish for corrosion and/or cosmetic reasons.   Rather than shipping parts to outside sources, Western Industries has opted to control the process from beginning to end.  We have a paint line that will e-coat and top coat (if necessary).  This will provide corrosion resistance greater than 1000 hours (per ASTM B117) and a class “A” wet paint finish (robotically applied).  Our system includes:

  • Seven (7) stage wash/pretreatment with PPG Zircobond
  • E-coat using PPG Powercron 6100 HE Epoxy
  • Robotically applied wet paint per customer specification
  • System is approved to ANSI/UL 1332

Racking, paint line     Racking, paint line     E-coat tank

Wet paint, robotic application          Racking, paint line


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